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Easily build a beautiful website.

Your website. Your social media profiles. Your contact info. All in one place.

What is .Pixelhub?

Pixelhub is a plug 'n play website builder that allows you to create a crisp, stylish website that is super-easy to edit and almost impossible to mess up. Social media updates included. "Pixelhub is different from other website creation applications because the platform encourages its users to build websites that are a reflection of their inner personalities." -

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The Wall Street Journal Mashable The Next Web Macworld Huffpost Tech The New York Times

Check out some Personal Websites built with .Pixelhub:
Photographer & Designer, Mexico City, MX
Personal Website Builder
Architect & Designer, Poznan, Poland
Personal Website Builder
Dental Student, Alabama, USA
Personal Website Builder

What makes Pixelhub unique?

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