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Men's Tungsten Rings

Men's Tungsten Rings

Men's Tungsten Rings


Have you found the woman for you? Your life partner and partner in crime? You have finally decided to leave the playing field and settle down with the woman of your dreams and the day is moving closer, yet you do not have a ring. Well, the market is now booming with rings that you can use for your wedding with many couples recommending tungsten rings for men. This is especially for you if you are finding it hard looking for a ring for the first time. For second marriages you may have the experience in ring shopping but how about try something new something that you did not use at your previous wedding. Try tungsten rings for men that are suitable for you as a groom. They are also very job friendly especially for those muscular manual jobs that interact with a lot of hard tools.

This piece will look at the information to know about tungsten carbide such as how they are made, and the components that are used to make the ring and what other uses the tungsten carbide has. Here you will be able to understand the fuss that is in the market about having to get yourself a tungsten ring.

Components of the tungsten metal.

This metal is for those men who are running away from the traditional gold or diamond ring that has been used for ages at weddings. It is also for men who want to have a choice in the kind of wedding rings that they will have on for the rest of their lives or for a very long time.

Ø The metal is made out of cemented carbide that is put together like metal and can only be scratched by the hardest metal in the world which is diamond.

Ø It is a chemical compound of tungsten and carbon and requires an alloy of cobalt for it to be shaped. However, it is to be noted that cobalt makes the ring susceptible to scratches and negatively reacts with the skin causing rashes and itchiness on the skin.

Ø It is a very heavy and hard metal and is usually used in the industrial sector to create industrial tools such as drills used for mining.

Ø It has a shiny look that keeps shining no matter the conditions that you keep it through unlike the traditional golden ring that scratches and loses its luster over time.

Ø It has a very high melting point that makes it durable and can sustain high temperatures such as fire.

Ø It is harder than titanium up to four times and even extremely harder than gold up to ten times.

Ø It is also used as a filament in light bulbs because of how well it can conduct heat and electricity.

Ø Tungsten rings are the only rings that can conduct heat and electricity which make it a safety risk wedding ring.

Ø This metal has a darker and sleek look compared to other metals.

Ø There is a difference between pure tungsten rings and tungsten carbide rings; the latter is tough and durable while the former is susceptible to scratches and bends.

Fun fact; it is a naturally occurring metal that was discovered in 1779 in wolfram Sweden by a man called Peter Wolfe. The name comes from a Danish translation which means a heavy stone.

How it is made

Ø The tungsten metal ring is made using the following steps;

Ø You grind up some wolframite ore, carbon, and other specific elements until the mixture is very fine

Ø Take the mixture and place it into a ring blank and stuff it in there until the blank is full.

Ø If you are working in the industry, then you can use hydraulics to exert pressure on the blank ring.

Ø Take the powder filled ring blank and heated it in a furnace that is oxygen free at high temperatures of over one thousand degrees Celsius.

Ø Once it is done, you will end up with a solid blank usually in a black color that needs to be polished and curved into your desired shape.

Other uses of tungsten carbide as a component

The combination of carbon and tungsten creates a powerful alloy that is resistant to heat and scratches. It has excellent 

conductivity and is second to diamond when it comes to hardness. Keep in mind that diamond is known to be the hardest metal in the world.

The cemented carbide is used in the construction industry to make drilling and mining tools. This is because of how hard they are and their resistance to wear and tear. It is also good to work with as they can be recycled.

It is also used to make surgical tools that are used in the medical field, the advantage of using carbide is that the tools made are resistant to rust and therefore can be used for a long time in the hospitals.

These steps are constructive for a person who has industry and wants to venture into the ring making business. However, if you are just a onetime shopper, then there’s no deliberate need to invest in hydraulics and a furnace. Therefore, you are better placed to shop for a readymade one.

Shopping for a ring especially for the first time can be a tough and strenuous task. Therefore, you need to do your research and know what is on the market. This activity is also generally hard for the man especially because weddings are usually the woman’s job. However, men too should have a say in the kind of ring they want to have on their finger for a lifetime. Tungsten rings for men are a good option to look into if not the best. Do not just leave the burden of ring shopping to your significant other and end up with a ring that you do not like yet have to wear for a long time. So go on and do a ring shopping for yourself, after all, it’s your wedding too.

The Appeal of Tungsten Rings Vs Ordinary Rings

The type of ring you pick to propose has an effect on the response you become. 

Tungsten Rings are the absolute most wear-resistant rings readily available on Earth. They are made from the most scratch resistant metal on the planet. Tungsten carbide rings are extremely versatile. When there are expensive tungsten carbide rings, options can be found in the market which will ensure something within the cost range you're comfortable with. Besides worrying about emergencies, some folks feel that tungsten rings won't ever shatter. Men's Tungsten rings can't be resized.

Make certain you buy your tungsten ring from a reliable jeweler that delivers a lifetime warranty, which covers your ring against damage free. Tungsten rings are now a favorite wedding band choice for women and men. Purchasing tungsten rings would stay a better choice due to its durability and scratch-resistance feature.

A few of the rings feature stones being engraved on the surface of the body. You are unable to remove tungsten rings in instances of emergencies. Tungsten rings are ideal for both women and men. They are extremely hard and standard cutting devices will not be able to remove them in an emergency. It's possible to prevent this by purchasing one our tungsten carbide rings that do not contain cobalt. One of the principal reasons men choose tungsten carbide rings is since they are touted as the toughest metal on the planet. If you are searching for unique tungsten carbide engagement rings look no more.

Using Tungsten Rings Vs Ordinary Rings

Tungsten is a favorite for not only an extraordinary price point but also for the many styles on the marketplace. It can handle a simple inlay of precious metals such as Silver and Gold, but it can't be too much more adventurous than that. Therefore, there's not any reason to be concerned if you're thinking of a titanium or tungsten wedding ring. Tungsten, ceramic and titanium rings are somewhat more troublesome to resize, and in the majority of cases aren't worth the associated processing expenses.

Tungsten carbide doesn't cause any allergies. Bear in mind that when it has to do with tungsten carbide vs. carbide there's a marked difference. Although it's not simple to break tungsten carbide, we've seen instances where tungsten rings have cracked because of high pressure. Tungsten carbide is likewise very rarely utilized in its plain ceramic form. It is non-reactive, and the rings do not change color even with continuous exposure. It may be stronger than most of the metals used for making jewelry. Black tungsten carbide is nearly as large as diamond.

You would like your ring to appear good! You must also make certain you are sizing on a ring with the suitable width. These rings can't be resized and are perfect for intricate designs which need to hold their design without compromising ring integrity. For a person who loves to stand out, this is the perfect ring. Customized rings can't be returned unless it can be proven that the caliber of the customization was the reason. The Irish engagement bands and wedding rings have gotten popular in the recent decade on account of the rich history of Irish.

In both instances, the ring isn't going to cop a great deal of punishment so the ring will probably hold up better for longer. Engraved rings can't be returned. Faceted Rings Faceted tungsten rings are essentially regular tungsten rings that have been cut by diamonds to attain a gem-like appearance.

Should anything happen to your ring, simply inform us and we'll deal with it. Despite these variations in composition and materials, titanium rings are usually called such should they contain any quantity of titanium. You're able to even get rings designed yourself these days, in case you be happy to shell out enough. The carbon fiber tungsten rings usually arrive in a melange of shades and styles.

Tungsten bands are entirely hypo-allergenic on account of their corrosive nature. Tungsten wedding bands cannot be re-sized because of their strength and hardness. They are ideal for those that want a ring to withstand the test of time. The men's black wedding bands made from tungsten however can't be sized.

A ring made from a high-tech material appears modern and in sync with a contemporary way of life. Damaged or Engraved rings cannot be returned. Many seal rings contain the seal face diameters, although this isn't a requirement of the main ring.

No ring is ideal or indestructible. Please note that all our tungsten rings are made from tungsten carbide. They are a great option for those looking for accessories or wedding bands that won't irritate the skin. There are numerous tungsten carbide rings in the market which do contain cobalt.

A Review of Why Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings are extremely much in vogue. They do not require re-polishing, unlike other rings. They are the right choice for anyone searching for a wedding band. A tungsten ring will stay polished forever and is practically impossible to scratch. 

Tungsten carbide rings are scratch-resistant when keeping their original form and polish. In such a case, they present a special problem, as they are extremely hard. You may also select from several of our tungsten carbide rings with a subdued but stunning appearance.

On the reverse side, you might have reason to size your rings down. You will wear these rings for the remainder of your life and for this reason, it is essential that these are not just beautiful, durable and comfortable but also adequately reflect things which are important to you. Tungsten rings are hypoallergenic and therefore, don't have any such disadvantage. Therefore, it's recommended that you ought to purchase tungsten carbide wedding rings and understand tungsten carbide rings advantages and disadvantages.

Why Tungsten Rings Features

There's no getting away from the simple fact that tungsten rings are powerful and trustworthy. The tungsten rings are really inexpensive and they're good for your mental peace and well-being. They outdo the traditional rings in many aspects. Because of how luxurious the white tungsten ring appears, it's fast becoming one of the latest type rings on the market far outselling different metals. So, most folks would rather just get a new tungsten ring that accompanies a lifetime warranty, than buy an individu unwanted tungsten ring, which doesn't have a warranty.

Tungsten doesn't bend out of shape because of its hardness which could be a security feature which we'll discuss later. Tungsten is frequently used as a brief kind of tungsten carbide very similar to how folks use Coke for Coca-Cola. It is a metal that is extremely hard and melts at a very high temperature. It is also a great material for wedding rings because they can be engraved to mark the special day. Since it is a much stronger metal than gold, it is able to be made into a custom ring that will hold its shape over time. Lots of people think Tungsten and Titanium are extremely similar metals but in fact, they are really very different.

Out of all of the metals, tungsten has the maximum melting point and the greatest tensile strength. Last, regarding the metal's weight, it is very close to the heaviness of gold, providing the same expensive feel. A lot of people think Tungsten and Titanium are extremely similar metals, but the truth is they are really very different.

Tungsten is in fact supposed to be absolutely the most scratch-resistant among all metals known to date, to the humankind. It does withstand scratching better than any other metal. If you'd like to obtain the pricier ones then you can choose tungsten with nickel alloy.

The type of ring you pick to propose has an effect on the response you become. Tungsten Rings are the absolute most wear-resistant rings readily available on Earth. They are supposed to be the most sensible choice of the new generation for their unique qualities. Tungsten carbide rings won't ever bend. They are also limited in style selections at this time. Today, tungsten carbide wedding bands are definitely the most in-demand metal in the USA.

With tungsten bands, on the flip side, your ring won't ever lose its luster and polished finish due to its sheer strength and endurance. Tungsten rings are created by combining the metallic Tungsten with Carbon, toform an alloy named Tungsten Carbide. In order to be sure you're purchasing quality tungsten carbide wedding bands, choose here.

Since rings are premade to your size, they may be offered by means of a retailer or jeweler for under other rings. Tungsten rings don't need any delicate handling or special care, and therefore you don't need to fret about taking your ring off and keeping it protected in any certain situation. Rings made from tungsten carbide are incredibly resistant to scratching. Tungsten rings made out of quality grade tungsten carbide is not going to break unless extreme force is put on the ring.

Our rings vary from 2 to 20 millimeters in width, with quite a few options between. Tungsten rings are excellent for the contemporary men that are born and brought up in the time of technology and innovation, especially if they're tech-savvy themselves. On the flip side, rings made from tungsten are considerably more durable. Superior quality Tungsten Carbide rings are not going to shatter unless an extremely large quantity of force is put on the ring. 



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