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VPS Malaysia

VPS Malaysia

VPS Malaysia

You may be currently looking for web hosting for the realization of your projects on the Internet. If you have begun to look at what is available to you, you are surely feeling a little lost in the mass of types of offers available. So many companies to choose from and so many packages that seem to be right for our needs.

For simplicity, there are 3 major families and types of web hosting :

Shared hosting (shared or shared)

Dedicated hosting

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

Let's detail these different types of offers to see more clearly and to help you find the ideal web hosting for your project.

Shared hosting consists of separating a physical machine (a server) into several resalable hosting. With this type of offer, you are then roommate of the machine, and as such you have the right to use the resources (processor, RAM, disk space) with some limitations.

This type of hosting is perfect for hosting a blog or corporate website. It is ideal in the case of a site that does not have many visits and does not consume a lot of resources.

It is the cheapest type of offer on the market and one of the most widespread.

There are also different types of VPS depending on what it is specialized, this includes Forex Hosting, Windows Hosting, and Linux.

In the case of dedicated hosting, we offer you a full physical server that will be hosted on the premises of the company that sells you the solution. You can choose the operating system you want to install (Windows or Linux).

This type of machine is interesting if you have knowledge (or someone available) in system administration and want to have all the resources in addition to having full control over your machine.

In general, this type of server is reserved for large projects: E-commerce, large applications (intranet, extranet) and high traffic websites.

Be careful though: a software problem will rarely be taken into account (for free) by the customer service department. You are responsible for configuring and installing software. On the other hand, if there are problems with the machine, they can help you.

A virtual private server has, for all practical purposes, the same characteristics as dedicated hosting, except for the hardware structure. In the case of a VPS, you have a virtual machine installed on a server (usually very powerful), but the physical server is not yours. In general, you pay for resources on this machine according to your needs (RAM, processor, disk space).

This solution is at odds between the shared host and the dedicated server. You do server collocation, but you have your machine and your operating system.

This solution is for people who need to have their operating system (SSH access, security, mail server, applications requiring special component installations).

The cost is therefore much more affordable than a dedicated server, and the scalability (RAM, processors, disk space) is configurable at will..