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Daniel Torres-DiNottia



Daniel Torres-DiNottia

This site features a selection of my work. It spans various topics, from Industrial Design to the formal arts to prototypes. Feel free to look around and to contact me if anything sparks your interest.

Below you will find a portion of my Industrial Design work. Some of it was created while I was in school, some was for personal projects, and some was created in a professional capacity. It has been compiled by project.

Taser Redesign

The goal was to design a taser that would be impossible for an officer to confuse with his service pistol.

 2018 AutoDesk/Nissan Design for Industry Challenge 

The prompt for this project was to design a car that would act as a transition from the manually- driven cars of today to the AI controlled cars of 2050. 

 2017 AutoDesk Design for Industry Challenge 

This project was based around creating audio devices for companies such as Turtle Beach and Bose.

2015/2016 SpaceX Hyperloop Challenge

This was a group project, utilizing over 30 students from the Engineering, Architecture, and Industrial Design departments at Diablo Valley College. Our submission landed us a spot in the semi-finals held at Texas A&M University.

Work in progress

This section contains a selection of my artworks.