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Promos Offered by the Best Malaysia Casino Online Gambling Site 

Every casino mobile gambling site has different promotions to offer. They made those promos to encourage the players to join their website. However, there are some casino sites that have

limited offers or promos that are only applied to some random players just like

the VIP members.  Unlike those websites, casinoonlineqq808 Malaysia casino site has the best promotional offers. Want to know those the promos offered by the best Malaysia casino online gambling site? If so, then you should keep on reading this page.

Freebet MYR 10

This promo is only applied for

those new members with Malaysian Ringgit currency. With this promo, all new

members can receive MYR 10 free bet bonus. But first, they have to follow some

certain steps in order to get this bonus. In addition to that, they should also

reach the required TurnOver which is TO 30X.

Daily Lucky Draw Promotion

On this online casino mobile website, there will be a raffle draw for different amount of big prizes every single day. There will be 3 lucky winners and each one of those will receive 3 different rewards. Additionally, there will also be 200 special prizes that will be given away to those who didn’t get the first 3 prizes. 

VIP Level Upgrade

If you want to experience the privileges that are given to the Diamond VIP level member, this promo is the best one for you. In this promotion, all regular members can increase their level in every 3 months of continuously playing. But, you have to make a deposit first and have 1 valid bet every month in order for this company to process your level upgrade.These are the promos offered by the best Malaysia casino online gambling site. Join casinoonlineqq808 now and get all of these promos!