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There are a great number of adventure games for you to be immersed in. Below are some of them. Enjoy and good luck trying!
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1. The Monster Squad

In the game, you are required to help our hero, Michael to investigate his neighbor. His neighbor is a vampire, which he is sure about. It’s necessary for him to find the evidence to prove it. Help Michael travel around the streets to look for clues as well as evidence to prove it.
Help him become a detective and protect his neighborhood from the vampire. Look for all of the clues in the scene to develop the evidence that vindicates the vampire. As soon as you have found the clues in one area, move onto the next. Good luck trying!
To interact, use your left mouse button.
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2. Hunter and Props

In the game, you join a battle of hide and seek with consequences that are deadly! You join either the props or the hunter. As a prop, you are required to look for a proper hiding place and then transform into a prop in the room – for example, a table or a chair. Try to stay still. Also, select an object which does not look out of place. As a hunter, you sniff out the prop and get rid of them. Move around the complex and strive to find out which are human players that are hiding, and which objects are real! Pay attention to the room layout and attempt to memorize the objects that are present. Whether you choose to be a hunter or a prop, have fun and rock the game!
For the hunter controls, you move by using the arrow keys or WASD. Left-click to shoot. Jump with the Spacebar. Reload with R.
For the prop controls, use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Jump by pressing the Spacebar. Mimic an object by using E.

3. Riddle Transfer

Phil is imprisoned in a facility that is mysterious after helping his alien friend. He desperately needs to escape! Riddle Transfer is one of the fantastic and addictive point and click adventure games PC. Here, the main goal is to escape! Look for hidden items, combine them and use the tools (whatever it is) to escape from the facility.
To play the game, use your mouse.