The Tvind Windmill

There are the dark moments

where one has to ask: What use is it?

Everything that is written and hoped

appealed or reproached.

But then something happens.
A Tower is finally built!

Not a Babel’s tower, amusing and confusing,
which can never be fulfilled.

Nor a prestigious point of vantage

But a tower supplied with blades

Using exactly what all other towes fear,
the one horisontal element:
The Wind.


The Wind -
in our technology ridden world

utterly useless, and even utterly devastating

The Wind –

Flogging the waves

So oil rigs keel over and
crude oil freighters break
or drift onto rocks
turning the Sea into a poisonous pool

for all living things


The wind that used to dry the frugal Earth
now breaks down that tired and washed out Earth

Carrying it off in a dusty whirlwind
Leaving naked structures

Brings forward that deadly erosion

that mercilessly lays bare

Mother Earth’s hips

And ribs

The Wind, which formerly

moved ships across the oceans,

and which still fills sails but just for leisure

or for remote poverty stricken fishermen.

The Wind, which formerly turned all kinds of mills,

is all of a sudden put to good use – again.


What is Tvind? Among other things
The experiment

No government ever supported

Politics mostly scoffed at

Politics “The art of the impossible –”
Realise that the possible is so limited
and politics thus composed that

it always, or almost always,  favours

the ones already in Power.


The Experiment
born in basements and DIY workshops

Organised, taken seriously, realised
in unprecedented magnitude
Like the old cathedrals

Built without wages by the many

Skilled as well as general workers

Built by one common denominator:
to prove what is, in fact, possible
Small is beautiful

But sometimes big is, too:
An Ash, an Oak, a Californian Redwood Fir


The Tvind mill
with Cherubini wing span


This is no return
to times past
Neither the product of linear development
- but an elementary form of energy
The old windmill technology

With timber and canvas
reproduced on a higher plane
A spirally revival

This is no splitting
of the atom

whose power and rays
otherwise found in rings near and far

cosmic circuit

around the organic life

now a liberated threat

deadly in the midst of it


The Tvind Mill

With a genially accumulated resistance

Against the wind where ever it comes from     

Turned into movement
used constructively

To create energy


In unison

the Tvind Mill and

The Wind,

the breath of Earth

the caresser of rye

the refresher of spirit

dissipates the haze

of the clouded mind

and the air


Our ancestors would be proud

of the ingenuity
of the boldness

of the beauty

of the togetherness


Our descendants will be amazed

by the bright ideas

by the dedication to the process

by the sheer determination

by the lack of celebration
by the people in power


The ones who were there

To build and shape

To mix and mould

Night and day

In sun and rain

With the wind in their faces

Constantly reminding them:

This will work

Smile to this day

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