Trayton Group

Trayton Group

The Trayton Group are based in Shanghai, China, and were founded in 1995. Though the main headquarters and factory are in Shanghai, Trayton also have manufacturing plants in Zhejiang Jiashan. Altogether the Group has over 100,000m² of manufacturing space. There are Trayton stores and offices in 10 different cities in China, but the Sales and Marketing offices are in the U.S. The Trayton Group reports an impressive annual revenue of over $150 million. Over 2,000 people work for the Group.


The Group's business is upholstered furniture. The goal is to improve our quality of life through improving our surroundings. The Group aim to better design and improve the quality of products cost effectively.


The Trayton Group was founded by Simon Lichtenberg, who was born in Denmark. He has lived in China since 1987. Simon earned a Chinese Language degree from Fudan university in China. In 1992, he started a business buying timber from Chinese suppliers, and turning it into finished furniture products. Simon sold these products to companies like IKEA. Despite a few problems with faulty products from Chinese suppliers and counterfeiting at the start, the Group continues to grow. Simon remains CEO today. He was given the Magnolia Silver award for his role in helping to develop Shanghai. He was also invited to take part in the Senior Executive Program for China (EMBA) at Harvard Business school, CEIBS, and Tsinghua.


The main and most popular Trayton brand is Simon Li, established in 2005. This high-end range is designed and manufactured in China, and then sold on to retailers in China and abroad. It is particularly popular in the U.S, especially North America. It is mainly manufactured in the Trayton Group's Shanghai and Jiashan plants.



The Trayton Group work with a major Danish company, Kvadrat, who are a high-end fabric brand. Trayton owns the distributing rights to Kvadrat in China. Kvadrat products are found in the offices of huge international companies, Microsoft and Skype for example.


Trayton also have a franchise in place with BoConcept, also Danish, who was founded in 1952. This franchise has existed since 1994. BoConcept China has 17 stores in 10 different Chinese cities, as well as 300 stores in 50 countries. The franchise gives Trayton distributing rights for BoConcept in China, hence BoConcept China.


The Trayton Group has been a member of the Global Compact since 2007. To help it's employees and their families, as well as other disadvantaged groups, it set up the Trayton foundation in 2009.


To try and reduce emissions and fuel consumption in their factories and limit damage to the environment, Trayton replaced the road lights in the main Shanghai plant with solar lights in 2011. They have also installed a rooftop solar panel in their Jiashan plant in 2012, which produces 50% of the electricity needed to run the plant.

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