Tracy Rexroat

Tracy Rexroat

Tracy Rexroat

Tracy Rexroat: Tireless Supporter of STEM Fields

STEM skills are in great demand throughout the world these days. In the coming years, they will be the 

backbone of all innovation and important discoveries. Yet, as kids get older, they are losing interest in 

these fields that require high levels of training and studying. Consequently, industry is hurting. Tracy 

Rexroat, one of the West’s great educators, recognizes this need to promote STEM studies to ensure a 

strong future for our country. 

What Is STEM?

The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics form the acronym STEM. To improve 

competitiveness in technology development, the term is commonly used in conjunction with addressing 

curriculum choices and education policy in schools from kindergarten to college. National security 

concerns, immigration policy, and workforce development are all affected by how strong our nation’s 

STEM skills are.

Due to the lack of qualified candidates for high tech jobs, STEM began to appear in the United States 

in immigration and education conversations about potential initiatives. Instead of being taught as an 

integrated curriculum, these subject have traditionally been taught in isolation. As of late, through work 

by people like Tracy Rexroat, a key portion of the public education agenda in the United States has 

begun to focus on creating a citizenry that is well versed in the STEM fields.

Beginning engineering study at younger grades, as early as elementary school, is one of the main pushes 

of STEM. Also, rather than just having gifted students focus on STEM, all students should get broadened 

instruction in those fields. President Obama has even stressed the importance of STEM by working more 

funding into the federal budget for grants to support it.

With the growing concern about the United States falling behind in STEM education, the United States 

National Academies came up with the follow suggestions:

• Through additional training in math, technology, and science, strengthen the skills of teachers

• Encourage students and provide more incentives for them to prepare to go to college and earn a 

STEM degree

• By improving K-12 mathematics and science education, increase America’s talent pool

To help replenish their pool of engineers, mathematicians, and scientists, the National Aeronautics and 

Space Administration is also seeking to advance STEM studies through various curricula and initiatives. 

Without a large pool to draw from, the security of the United States could be at risk as crucial tech jobs 

go unfilled and leave the country vulnerable.

Tracy Rexroat Champions STEM Education

Throughout her entire career, Tracy Rexroat has been a strong supporter of the STEM fields. She earned 

a degree in Mechanical Technology at the University of South Dakota, and after serving her country in 

the Air National Guard and Army National Guard for more than two decades, she turned to education. 

She earned a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and Mental Health. With this unique educational 

background, she has focused on promoting STEM skills for teachers and students in secondary education 

for the last seven years. She has helped to prepare Arizona for the future.



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