Richard A. Lepoutre

Father, Friend and Serial Entrepreneur

Richard A. Lepoutre

Richard A. Lepoutre

Father, Friend and Serial Entrepreneur

Father, friend and serial entrepreneur, putting to use 35 years of experience in marketing, web technologies and the love of connecting people and ideas to create and solve. And yes, maybe leave it all a little bit better off than the way I found it.

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Honor Bound TV Show - Watch he Trailer
 Honor Bound TV Show

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I am often asked by different people at different times  just  what it is that  “I do”.

Well, the truth is the answer very much depends on where  and at what time of the day you ask me.  To more easily answer that question,  I took a document that I originally created  for  my Mom as a cheat sheet so  she could tell her friends just what her first-born was up to “now”  and published this public version.

I hope it helps you get to know me and the things that I care about… and what we might have in common.

The Family, Companies and Projects…

Family.  I am  the father of four adult children, an "Uncle Daddy" to at least a few more from here to Turkey, husband to Debbie for 39 years and a now a new grandfather. My Bride and Girlfriend of nearly five decades and I have been Foster and Adoptive parents, active  in youth and prison ministry,  The Gideons, Foreign Exchange  Student Programs  and  a  variety of local community projects.  And somehow when the wounded bird, cat, opossum… and more than one lost kid landed at our door, it was our great privilege to be at home. Wonderfully, some never left. 

Professional. Like my father before me, I am a “serial entrepreneur”.  For 35 years, I have been able to pay my bills in various  marketing, technology and media  ventures as either President or Founder. It has been my professional good fortune have many wonderful and talented people come alongside and together we have occasionally innovated out of out of sheer necessity... and the pure “why the heck not” of it.  My early years in direct marketing have now evolved into my work in new marketing technologies, social media and web strategies, as well as independent film-making  and television.  And what I most treasure about it all are the friends and relationships that inevitably came from each. 

The companies and initiatives  are: Statlistics, Statware, Publishers Marketing Group, CauseACTION, Dreyfus Films, FundIGNITER, Secret VI Productions and most recently Populus Digital Marketing.

Causes and Advocacies.  My wife and I cherish kids and support our military and their families. We believe that all life is to be protected and should be allowed to thrive unmolested in and outside of the womb. For some 25 years, I have done battle on several fronts with sexual violence and abuse. And while I do not always prevail, I do my best to publicly challenge those who would undermine individual liberty and personal responsibility.

And so, I have leveraged my business experience, resources and personal network of friends and associates in the fight to end abortion with the Red Envelope Day Campaign; Commercial Sexual Exploitation and human-trafficking at Stop Online Exploitation;  Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking; sexual abuse of children  on the web  Stop Child Porn on Facebook; and  in support of soldiers and their families: March of Honor, the Honor and Remember Campaign; our well-received independent  film, “The Fence” (shown at Arlington National Cemetery during Memorial Day Weekend 2012) and most recently the “Honor Bound” reality TV Show being developed now with the help of our military Heroes.

Political. Like the frog who does not realize he is being boiled to death in the pot as the heat is turned up ever so slowly, I think we are a Nation at risk, unless we all pay better attention. And so, I resist and challenge the  encroachment by government on our personal liberties and responsibility at every opportunity. I fear the "cult of personality" which has so often lead people astray. I believe  in  the enumerated rights of our Constitution, a  unique  pact  designed to  protect us FROM an overpowering and controlling government. I  firmly  believe in community and individual responsibility.

And yes, I  believe in the “safety net” for  those who  are legitimately in need.  Government has its place, however, some 50-odd years after Kindergarten,  I can  also  count on one hand the things I think government does better than what conscientious, motivated citizens do for themselves and for others, every day. You see, in my direct experience with  many  bureaucracies, I can assure you that almost everything a  bloated,  soulless government touches it compromises. You know that too... unless you just aren't paying attention.

And so, I routinely agitate family and friends on false narratives that so many take as "gospel" while challenging them to feel free to agree or disagree but above all to think for themselves. Most of my family and friends still love me... some have even changed their minds. 

Advocacy work has placed me on “The Hill” in DC and in Hartford, CT. As a result, I can corroborate what Mark Twain famously said about the law and  sausage-making. You can also learn about specific legislation that colleagues and I have been involved with here and here.


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