Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

There's nothing more boring compared to the mention of backpack to many people. This is something which is both understandable and inevitable. I think there is a very good reason to support such view.

I vividly recall at a time when I was young, each and every time I had to get a fresh backpack, it means the fun vacation would soon come to an end. Soon after I received my bag, it will be the start of the horrible school season. We all have experienced almost identical circumstances and unless you're a nerd who found school fascinating, I see no reason how you could possibly think of fun when discussing about bag.
But things start to alter its course when I get older. It is not that I like to get bags very regularly nowadays. But my purpose of finding a backpack is no longer for those boring reason that it was previously. What I choose today are largely fashion backpacks, that will be to my delight.
You should really be pondering why a person like me would be thinking about fashion bags. These backpacks are often for my next travel or holiday trip. Call me bad if you may, but I'm really bad at maintaining my own things therefore it would not be long before my backpacks would have to give way for a new one. If I am able to carry it for 3 of my vacation trips, I would take it as a return of my investment.

I profess myself a backpack lover with sufficient exposure to the entire world of backpacks. No, I am no backpack expert as I don't make backpacks of my own. I am merely a backpack lover who happens to be fashionably sensitive. Consequently, I feel I know it if backpack is good and worth your investments and I know it when a backpack isn't even worth your consideration. I am planning to share with you all I know of bags and which is the gist of this website.

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