Ev-charge America

EV-Charge America, Leaders in Vehicle-Charging Technology

Ev-charge America

EV-Charge America, Leaders in Vehicle-Charging Technology

Located in Las Vegas, EV-Charge America manufactures high-quality EV charging stations for electric, and electric-hybrid plug-in vehicles. The company also strives to develop custom software programs that work in tandem with current and emerging electrical grid systems and infrastructure. In this way, EV-Charge America works to develop solutions that allow for the efficient and smart use of vehicle-charging technology. 

EV-Charge America not only produces EV charging and docking stations but also develops programs that allow for convenient use of this new technology to get the most efficient use of the electric grid. Engineers and developers with backgrounds in communications, aerospace, and software development work to create networks that can connect charging stations to each other, and that can allow these stations to be located with cell phones and other hand-held devices with GPS technology. For example, users can locate vehicle-charging stations on such programs as Google Maps, and then use this information for trip planning. 

Upon reaching an EV-Charge America charging station, an individual can activate and use the station by scanning a RFID tag. The built-in security of these stations prevents people without a tag from unlocking and utilizing the station for the utmost in safety and security.



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