Doom Metal from Puerto Rico

Doom Metal from Puerto Rico

DOOMLORD is a Heavy/Doom Metal band from Puerto Rico. With traditional heavy metal bases as Black Sabbath & Deep Purple, and an epic doom style as Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus.

In December 2012 DOOMLORD entered the studio to record their first CD which first single is available since February 2013. In May/2014 will be release a spanish limited edition Split Vinyl Record, and its full length CD "Black Testament" will be release on June of 2014, both release thru French label, Emanes Metal Record.

In March 2013 DOOMLORD had recorded their 1st documentary Live DVD as part of SATAN's HOST openning show and on June 8 as GOATWHORE openning. This DVD is schedule be release in fall of 2014.

DOOMLORD is working on what will be their promotional CD release tour in summer of 2014.


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