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I am a freelance writer/content creator/editor/business analyst/visual artist and 5th dimensional thinker who refuses to write in 3rd person. I am a humorist, a cynic, a delusional travel blogger and probably the best and most prolific writer ever. I also have a love of sandwiches that borders on salami.

I write about tech, mobile, social, psychology, pop-culture, entertainment and marketing, sometimes all at once. I wrote at for three years, once wrote an article for Fast Company and was the executive editor of Technorati for four years. I'm always open to new freelance opportunities and working with brands who aren't afraid to grow a pair. I also do ghost writing for PR firms so hire me maybe.

Hit me up via any of the contact methods below or at

Send pitches via email, not via Twitter DM and certainly not through a Facebook message I'll never read.

Currently writing as a tech contributor at KnowTechie. Also as a tech contributor at Also have a tiny byline at Motherboard (VICE). Former industry bylines at (also here and here), The Next Web,,, Linkedin and I used to have a monthly fitness column at BossFitMag. Former editor and contributor of news pieces at, but they killed their archive.


I have bylines on social media, brands and advertising at DigiDay, Hashtracking and Adknowledge (but they stripped my byline so you'll have to take my word for it).

One of my favorite pieces I ever wrote is this profile of EDM Composer BT.



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