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Cathy Hill



Since American Idol became a global phenomena, similar talent show competitions have been sprouting up. Chef talent show is among the newest that I'm most concerned with. From Hells Kitchen to Iron Chef America. At one point in life, I harbored a big desire of becoming a top chef. That aspiration resulted in no small part due to the numerous cooking show I used to view when I was young. I went ahead to give it a go but only to surrender my fantasy after understanding that a chef's life is hell. Watching most of the young kids aspiring to be the planet's celebrity chef is a dejavu. 

I may have given up my ambition to be a chef but not my love for cooking. In fact, it still remains as one of my life's greatest passion. I'm able to maintain my love for cooking partly because I need to raise my young kids. If you've been following recent development about the increasing obesity among American children, you have every reason to worry. This is exactly why I'm determined to be a good cook myself so that I do not need to bring my children out for their meals. And that's how I Have been able to keep and even develop my interest in cooking. 

As somebody who has tried almost all recipes, all cuisine (French, Italian, Chinese and even Japanese), all vegetables (Kale, Broccoli, Basil and even Zucchini) and all meats (Rib eye, T-bone, Lamb, Chicken and Turkey), I understand all too well exactly what a difference a cookware could make. But this is something which not many first time cookware shoppers will have the ability to connect with. 

Out of goodwill, I've been attempting to teach this point but I come to a point where I guessed the more effective way of conveying my information is possibly through writing. Iam a sensible person and I know how slim my chance would be to land an important contract with the big publisher when I do not have link to any of them. And I'm not planning to wait until I have a contract available before I begin writing. That's when the concept of establishing my own blog came to be. I hope I can consistently improve on my writing the same way as I've been trying to improve my cooking skill.


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