Amanda Clark

Amanda Clark

I first came to know the world of mixers not by my own design. Instead, my first blender was a present I received during my son's baby shower party.|I got my first blender as a baby shower gift right after my son was born.} I'm unsure what you'd refer to it as, but I refer to it as an immersion blender and it was from Hamilton Beach.


I utilize it to prepare purees for my son and which was when I came to realize how helpful a blender can be. I take advantage of it to create apple sauces (that my son really loves), pear sauces and whatever puree you can think about. After knowing how a blender could be so useful, I began to be enthusiastic about this simple machine.


I've purchased few blending machines for myself and I've used them to create such things as rattles and even my own, personal mix of curry spices. Along the way, I wouldn't say I'm pleased with all the blenders that I've ever purchased. A few of them failed to live up to my expectation with the majority of them failing due to mechanical failures or rusting.


I know there might be tonnes of blender assessments available out there. But I thought it would just be nice if I can put a few of the knowledge that I have into writing since I'm no more dealing with the hectic schedule of the corporate world. That is when the idea for BlenderReviewsHQ.Net was born.


But blogging is merely a small part of my life. I still make my food and smoothies for my family every single day and it is the task that I have to confess I take pleasure in the most. Do stop by my website if you are trying to find details about a blender model.


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