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Spectral Capital

Spectral Capital Email Address|Spectral Capital Investment

Spectral Capital

Spectral Capital

Spectral Capital Email Address|Spectral Capital Investment

Spectral Capital Investment is primarily concerned about the recognition, accession, growth and expansion, and funding of any technology that's capable of revolutionizing existing industries. We are on the lookout for tech that could be safeguarded via laws or patents related to trade secrets. At the moment, Spectral Capital has procured shares in three tech firms and is actively partnering with the management of these firms to expand their market reach in specific verticals. Spectral Capital is keen on owning - in parts or completely - technology firms whose key management and founders are capable of reaping the benefits of Spectral Capital's technology development networks and experience.

Firms within the commercialization and technology development sector have several principal competence areas. Some organizations aggressively focus on building an intellectual property portfolio and later license and uphold it via litigation. Others concentrate on technology that is built into a software device or product and which is capable of being acquired by consumers and businesses for a profit. A few others are keen on developing and commercializing technology that entices multiple users who could be monetized via advertising. Commercialization and technology development is certainly a huge and complex domain. Spectral Capital is initially focusing on IT, offering consumers or businesses an unswerving value proposition.

Like most companies that are interested in building a portfolio that boasts of avant-garde technology and seek organizational and corporate structure to financially benefit from them, Spectral Capital must carry out specialized tasks of reducing the risk quotient of a specific technology's commercialization to a particular point where it can flourish at a fairly acceptable buyer acquisition cost.

We have tremendous management skills, built knowledge within search, analytics and media domains, attractive positioning, the ability to pick out and terminate transactions quick enough, and the eagerness or capability to take a financial dive in technology whose price does not correlate to its economic latency.

Our business model is different from those firms whose financial reserves, victorious past capabilities to monetize scale and technology, current customer base and efficiencies permit them to pick and create technology by bombarding tech with human and financial resources. Spectral Capital's approach is very targeted. We only delve into technology that fits particularly with limited capital and expertise. We build technology that doesn't warrant huge investments in marketing and sale to reach a starting audience.

At the moment, Kontexto, Noot, and Monitr are the three tech firms within our portfolio.

A mobile tech firm, Noot created the "Noot" that uses proprietary relating to search engines for mobile equipment. It assists people locate social media, news, video and photos matching their interests. The inherent tech basically learns user preference and enhances its results with time, providing the user with customized information. Noot's key benefit is that its search engine does not stop functioning even when a user is not using the technology actively. Sans prompting, Noot offers more personalized and enhanced information when the user looks up a topic next time.

Founded in the year 2009, Kontexto is a tech firm that has built services and software capable of acquiring, analyzing and visually streaming live information for institutions and companies. The company has created and promotes the offering publishflow™ that is based on their own analysis programme. It offers services such as visualization and data capture for a select group of clientele. The biggest business and government trade firm in the United Kingdom, UK Trade and Investment awarded the company the honor of having the capability to create and introduce technology that has tremendous future potential. This is a huge achievement for a company that is just getting off its roots. In fact, several established and reputed companies are yearning for a prestigious bestowal such as this, which Kontexto was able to lap up within a short time span. As far as Kontexto's customer base is concerned, it boasts of some of the biggest names in the publishing industry - such as The Guardian, Post Media Network, Abu Dhabi Media, Getty Images, The Daily Mail and Bell Media. Considering the pace with which Kontexto is flourishing, several more companies are expected to hop on the bandwagon.

Monitr, though makes use of tech that's relatively in its nascent stages, is keen on being a service provider that improves the manner in which people locate, absorb, share, analyze, and discuss financial topics and news, commodities, equities and currencies online - albeit the scope of the product is likely to be altered around product launch that's scheduled to happen at the end of 2014.








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