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Greg Feste

Greg Feste

Greg Feste


Greg Feste is the current CEO of Rezilient Direct, cancer survivor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, father, and grandfather.

Greg Feste started Rezilient Direct after beating harry cell leukemia in 2007. Greg experienced the overwhelming costs associated with cancer, and realized that there were many gaps in major medical insurance policies. Fortunately, Greg Feste had a supplemental insurance policy, that covered out of pocket procedures that his medical policy didn't cover, and gave extra to other procedures.

With most policies only covering less than 60% of cancer costs, and the majority of Americans lacking supplemental insurance, Feste saw an opportunity. In 2007 Greg started Rezilient Direct, and not only offered supplemental insurance but offered in online, to be purchased directly through the website.

Currently, RZD has partnered with some of the largest insurance companies in the US, and offers a wide range of policies.

Greg Feste can be reached at the following places.




For press inquiries, Greg can be reached at gregfeste@gmail.com.

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Sunday: Closed

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