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LADY GAGA teaches you to wear false eyelashes

In Daily entertainment or shopping, how to make eye makeup come to the fore? It wouldn’t use mascara brush, you can try false eyelashes which brought gorgeous eye makeup, false eyelashes can make your eyes more charming,adapt to natural or PARTY makeup for a moment you can be gentle and lovely set off more charming.

MIIS are going to a magical make-up 2018 Christmas New Year and presents a glittering, futuristic psychedelic palette with glittering eye-catching could bring gold glitter particles and zigzag-shaped radiation effects, which accompanied by a variety of fascinating more three-dimensional happy holiday atmosphere. Bright dazzling eyelashes and let this holiday shine romantic joy of glory!

MIIS false eyelashes can make your eyes more attractive. Suitable for natural or PARTY makeup.

The world's top professional make-up brand MIIS brings a new MIIS series of false eyelashes, such as fan-like delicate and delicate false eyelashes, bringing extraordinary charm to the eyes style, leading unlimited dazzling wave in autumn flow.


Firstly Use three-section folder method eyelash curled out of curvature, in order to avoid false eyelash curvature can not be integrated. The details of the folder can be used for small local special eyelash curler.


Use tweezers carefully remove the false eyelashes. Texture is better single box for false eyelashes, which can be used repeatedly many times, the whole box of more branches of the texture is rough, but the effect is very natural, at most use 2-3 times repeated.


Both hands carefully pinch the ends of the false eyelashes, curved repeatedly curved, flexible false eyelashes.


The mirror is setting itself up, holding the false eyelashes on your eyes to compare length.


Then use a special small scissors to trim eyelashes, cut off the two more,lines according to the length of the eye and then trim.


Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and carefully brush the eyelashes with a small brush onto the connecting line of the false eyelashes.


Wait a few seconds, with a pair of tweezers holding a good glue on the middle of the first fixed false eyelashes in the middle of the eyelids. Then adjust the head and tail by hand.

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