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Wood Edwards LLP

Wood Edwards LLP

Wood Edwards LLP

Texas Litigation Law Firm

About Our Firm:

Wood Edwards LLP is a boutique litigation firm based in Dallas. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts throughout Texas and in other states. We are in the business of protecting our clients’ interests and resolving conflicts with strength and tact.

The firm is known for offering big-firm talent and small-firm efficiency, as well as outstanding service. Our attorneys represent businesses and individuals in all types of commercial and employment litigation, business transactions, probate matters and personal injury claims, as well as commercial arbitration.

Our partners, Philip Lindquist, Robert Wood and Blake Edwards, were formerly with Dallas-based Hughes & Luce and the international mega-firm of K&L Gates, where they worked with clients that included Fortune 500 corporations, medium-sized companies, small businesses and individuals. At Lindquist Wood Edwards LLP, we have increased flexibility to help businesses of all sizes and individuals with a variety of legal needs.

We Prosecute And Defend

Some attorneys always prosecute, and some always defend. We do both.

As a result, we constantly fine-tune our legal arguments and strategies, and have become well-versed in the relevant legal authorities. Because we alternate between advocating a certain point of view and being confronted with it, our experience is enhanced and our perspective is broader.

Contact Our Firm: 

Wood Edwards LLP - Litigation Attorneys

1700 Pacific Ave #2280

Dallas, Texas 75201

(214) 382-9789