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Copy & Co Freelance Copywriting Service

Copy & Co Freelance Copywriting Service

Copy & Co Freelance Copywriting Service

Based in Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula, Copy & Co is a small but exclusive team of writers and editors with a passion for the written word. A few of us might even have been accused of being grammar Nazis but in our opinion, this can only make us better at our job. We supply and edit SEO-focussed online content for a wide range of clientele, both local and abroad. Whether you are the owner of your own start-up or an SEO expert sourcing copy for clients, our writers can produce original content in the right tone and character for your specific needs.

We specialise in website content and web copy, product description branding and content marketing. We provide our customers with content that not only sells, but also compels the user to further explore your website, inviting effective interaction between you and prospective clients.

Our professional editors and freelance copywriters will provide you with specialised content editing services. Nothing could be more detrimental for your website than having ineffective and poorly written content. We pride ourselves on being able to mould your copy into fluid, compelling and concise reading that will guarantee to engage your target audience.

Creating just the right amount of content to be successful online can be rather difficult, especially if you don’t possess the requisite writing skills or have a couple of skilled copywriters at your disposal. Content has become one of the biggest guiding influences online with Google in the last couple of years. Without solid, unique and expertly written content, the online part of your business will never  experience the necessary growth required for an effective online presence. With the support of a Copy & Co freelance copywriter the perfect content strategy is just a click away, and we are prepared to do what it takes to ensure the sustained success of your website.
Content requirements are by no means the same for all websites – and we pride ourselves on being able to identify and produce copy that speaks to your target audience. Not only that, we can also help you identify your niche and put together a plan of action to boost your website’s online performance.