Alisa Bair--Your Real Estate and Listing Specialist

Serving the Real Estate Needs of Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

Alisa Bair--Your Real Estate and Listing Specialist

Serving the Real Estate Needs of Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

Alisa Bair
 Alisa Bair

"Alisa is an absolute star. Responsive, thoughtful, smart, knowledgeable, she kept us on top of deadlines, was incredibly responsive to emails and inquiries, and gave us great advice when it came to negotiating on the house...She listened carefully to us, gave us advice when warranted, but without a bit of the hard sell. Through the process we knew she was solidly on our side, and I'm very glad we put our trust in her."  --Emily Z.

"Alisa Bair is the best Real Estate Professional I personally have ever worked with. Her extensive knowledge in listing and selling our home gave us complete trust and confidence that our home would be sold. She is friendly and affable and has a charming personality. Whenever we had any question at all, she was willing to take the time and courteously answer any and all of our questions and concerns. She truly "went to bat" for us in negotiating a sale of our property and we were confident that our best interests were always taken to heart. If you want expert representation with local knowledge, including immediate responsiveness and excellent negotiation skills, Alisa Bair is the only one to consider. We have that much confidence in her!"  --Anonymous

"Alisa was the most responsive realtor I have worked with and did a phenomenal job selling our house in a short time and for the most money. She kept us informed throughout the process with showing notifications, inspections, and then worked to help close the home a week ahead of schedule and save us from paying another month's mortgage! I would highly recommend Alisa to anyone looking to buy/sell a home."  --Alexa O.

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With full-time real estate experience since 2006,
Alisa Bair and her team have successfully negotiated over 350 sales!


Alisa is a real estate professional, with an expertise in listing properties, contract negotiations, and bank negotiations/Short Sales. She has been working in the real estate industry, full-time, since 2006, currently work for Equity Real Estate (located in Salt Lake City, Utah) and absolutely loves what she does! When it comes to Short Sales, her personal mentor is an ex-bank negotiator who worked within several of the Nation's top banks for over 20 years, managing a portfolio of $50,000,000 of collateralized assets at any given time.

* Listing Properties/Representing Sellers;
* Marketing;
* Contract Negotiations;
* Bank Negotiations/Short Sales;
* Hablamos Espanol; and
* Customer Care!

* Certified as a Short Sale Genius Diamond Short Sale Expert in 2010 (someone who has successfully CLOSED between 75 and 149 Short Sales), placing her in the top 1.5% of real estate agents in the Nation when awarded;
* CE Certified to teach Short Sale classes to fellow real estate professionals through the Utah Division of Real Estate--2011-2013; and
* Certified as a Homeowner Advocate in helping homeowners avoid Foreclosure.

* Awarded Equity Real Estate's "Power Professional" of the month on an on-going basis;
* Designated as a "Power Professional" of the year (for being amongst the top 10% of Realtors within Equity Real Estate--Professionals)--2011 and 2012;
* Appointed as a "Bank of America Short Sale Professional" through Bank of America's Short Sale Professionals Locator Program;
* Identified as a "5-Star Agent" by clientele via; and
* Termed an "'A' Company Rating" by clientele via

* Willamette University, Salem, OR, Bachelor of Arts--2000
* Rowland Hall St. Mark's School, Salt Lake City, UT--1996


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How to Hire a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home


Step #1: Research as many "Listing Agents"/"Listing Brokers" as possible on the internet or through referrals and pick your top 3 favorites, based upon the initial information provided.


Step #2: Fine-tune your search even further by asking your top 3 favorites the following important questions:


1. How long have you been in the business and has it been full-time or part-time?

* The ideal would be a full-time agent, who has been in the business for several years.

2. Do you primarily assist Sellers, Buyers, or both?

3. How many listings have you sold in the past year?

* Once received, confirm that the Agent has a proven track record with listings specifically.

4. Would it be possible to forward me a list of properties that you have sold in my area specifically? 

* Once received, confirm that the properties were showcased the way you would like yours to be.

5. Would it be possible to forward me at least 3 client references?

* Once received, confirm that the Agent's references are current and the clients were satisfied with the level of communication and services provided.

6. Would it be possible to forward me a copy of your marketing plan for listings?

* Once received, confirm that the Agent will be using a professional video or virtual tour to market your home and your home will not only appear on the most visited real estate websites, but also with enhanced descriptions and as much information as possible to attract Buyers.

Example of What Your Property Will Look Like When Listed with Alisa Bair

7. Do you provide any additional services or perks that make you stand out from other agents?

* Examples: Staging recommendations and/or basic staging for FREE or possibly even a free home warranty during the listing period.

** All of the above additional services provided by Alisa Bair and her team!!!**


Note: Some Agents may also have questions for you as the Seller.  If they do, this is a good sign, as it is important for both Seller and Agent to be 100% satisfied with the working relationship and to be on the same page from the very beginning.

Tips to Selling Your Home Fast and for the Most Money Possible


Tip #1—**Price your home correctly.**  This is arguably THE most important aspect in selling a home fast and for the most money possible.  You could spend all the money in the world fixing up and marketing your house, but the wrong price on the right house guarantees a no sale. 

Tip #2—Complete any needed repairs.

Tip #3—Take the time to de-clutter.  By de-cluttering, Buyers can picture themselves in the home and make it their own.

Tip #4—Make your home as bright as possible.  Light makes spaces feel more open and inviting.  I would suggest taking down any drapery, washing windows, painting each room a soft white, replacing lampshades and blinds as needed, installing high wattage light-bulbs, cutting away any trees blocking light to the windows, and washing the windows.

Tip #5—Scrub your house down, so that it feels brand new.  I would suggest cleaning everything from the insides of cabinetry to taking off the vent covers and thouroughly cleaning them in the sink.

Tip #6—Ad scents for the season (i.e. Cinnamon for the Wintertime; flowers for the Springtime).

Tip #7—Make any needed repairs (something I like to give my clients when listing their homes is a “Zip-It”—a tool that can be found at Home Depot for about $3 to easily unclog drains).

Tip #8—Update your front yard and entry for curb appeal.

Tip #9—Hire a killer Realtor who primarily only focuses on listing properties!

Tip #10—Welcome showings.

Short Sales

Looking to buy or refinance immediately after a Short Sale or Bankruptcy?

Introducing the Utah First 'No Wait' mortgage program!


Are you facing foreclosure and in need of selling your home, but it's worth less than what's owed? 


If so, a Short Sale might be the best option for you.


Short Sales can be a way for homeowners to preclude foreclosure and settle the difference between what is owed on a property and what it will actually sell for.



A foreclosure can set your credit score back between 200 and 300 points, whereas--with a Short Sale--it is normally only between 30 to 150 points!



There is the possibility of eliminating a 1099 all together, if the bank happens to 1099 you for the difference and you can prove INSOLVENCY through your taxes.


First, it is important to determine the true fair market value of your home.  Since hiring a licensed appraiser may not work with your already tight budget, a knowledgeable local real estate professional (who knows the current real estate conditions in the state of the Utah) is a sound way to get a reliable estimate of your home's worth.


Next, you will want to calculate your closing costs (taking into consideration all amounts owed to each mortgage/lien holder, escrow fees, property taxes, agent commissions, HOA fees (if applicable), etc.) to help get a true idea as to whether or not you will need to short your home in order to sell it prior to foreclosure.


If you are in need of shorting your home in order to sell prior to foreclosure, contact a qualified/experienced Short Sale expert to help you compile a Short Sale Package, place your home on the market, and negotiate a settlement for the difference with your lender(s).


Items to gather for your Short Sale listing appt.:


* Pay stubs from the past two months;

* Bank statements from the past two months;

* Tax returns from the past two years;

* Financial breakdown of monthly expenses and assets;

* HOA contact information (if applicable); and

* Extra key.


Note: If you do not have the ability to provide pay stubs, bank statements, and/or tax returns, no worries--Alisa Bair and her team can help you compile the proper paperwork needed to comply with the bank(s)' requests.

Looking for an honest idea of what your home is worth, how to calculate potential closing costs, and/or assistance with negotiating a Short Sale in general? Contact us today and we can help!

Examples of Short Sale Listings, by Alisa Bair, on the Market for 120 Days or Less!
Multiple Offers. 52 DOM!!!
 Multiple Offers. 52 DOM!!!
Multiple Offers. 59 DOM!!!
 Multiple Offers. 77 DOM!!!
Multiple Offers. 76 DOM!!!
 Multiple Offers. 77 DOM!!!


Topic: How to market any business during the holidays, including a real estate business.


1. The value in working with a Homeowner Advocate while facing Foreclosure.

2. Alisa's comments on her Short Sale mentor's very first CE course taught in the state of Utah.



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Located in the heart of Sandy, UT, our Equity corporate offices offer gorgeous waiting rooms and up-scale meeting and conference rooms, fully equipped with internet and large screen monitors to meet the needs of any and all clients.


* Please consult your attorney or tax advisor for any specific legal or tax advice; and

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