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adrián castro

game design

adrián castro

adrián castro

game design

Currently I'm working at League of Legends as a player behavior and eSports specialist in LATAM.

I've worked as a game designer at Gamattica, EstudioFuture VR and I've colaborated in the same role with Blooming Buds (Solstand), AlPixel (The Amazing Odyssey of Growing Up, Caronte's Weakness) and Sindiecate Arts (The Painted Lady) and I worked as a tester at SOMA (Frictional Games).

I founded my own company of video games, Gazpacho Games, and I was the manager of design, marketing and advertising. We made a lot of game jams games, mobile games and computer games. Carrera Cofrade (Google Play, 2013) it was one of our biggets success and it had a huge social media impact, newspapers and conventional media.

In 2016 I shared the game designer work with teaching. I've been teacher of game design theory at Aula Arcade and I've given masterclasses at Jaume I University, Seville University and a few events around the world.

My professional life revolves around creativity, interaction and communication. I love storytelling and always doing it in the best way knowing how to squeeze the medium that is being used for it.

Keywords: creativity, constance, risk and evolve.


League of Legends (Riot Games) - PSPB and eSports specialist.

Swipe Cards (Gamattica) - Game design.

Project Camp (EstudioFuture VR) - Game/ narrative design.

Fusion Wars (EstudioFuture VR) - Game design.

CAIN (Gazpacho Games) - Narrative design.

Carrera Cofrade (Gazpacho Games) - Game design and Marketing.

Game jams projects

The Painted Lady with Edu Verz, Bakir Kawham, Quike Zárraga and Beícoli.

Caronte's Weakness with Ludipe, Rubén Calles and Celer.

The Amazing Odyssey of Growing Up with Ludipe, Rubén Calles and Alex Zarzalejo.

Other game jams:

Solstand with Blooming Buds.

ESC with Gazpacho Games.

Drugbot with Gazpacho Games.